Euro Ethyl Ltd.



Henry Ford predicts ethanol as a motor fuel of the future: “…The fuel of the future will be made from wild fruits, growing around the road, or from apples, weeds, sawdust – almost everything…”


Since 1925. Germany has a tradition of using bioethanol: ethanol is marketed as a propellant


In Brazil 4 million vehicles using E-85 as fuel. In the U.S. they are over 6 million


In 2004 the world produced 420 million hectoliters of ethanol, 65% of them are used for biofuels / bioethanol /.  Ethanol can be mixed with gasoline without further heat treatment.

-         biological renewable energy source

-         better results by higher octane and more effective engine operation

-         reduction of emissions

-         preservation of the ozone layer

-         no toxic components

-         sulfur-free

-         waste free production