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The firstvodka ismade ​​by the ArabiandoctorParesin860 ADandwas used formedical purposes.

InEurope the firstdistillation offermented sugar-containingliquid was made byItalian monk-alchemist Valentius.
In Russia,vodkaappearedin the late 14thcentury.when Peter the Greatinvented"pertsovka" by garnishing his drinkwithchili pepper.
In January of 1865 Dmitri Mendeleev defended his dissertation "For the compounds of the alcohol with water," in which he states that the best mixture is 38% alcohol. Another secret in the production of good vodka lies not only in high-quality grain alcoholbut also in the soft and clean water.


How is VODKA.BG produced

To achieve the high quality of, we have chosen the conclusion of Dmitri Mendeleev 38% alcohol. In production we use repeatedly distilled grain alcohol mixed with water drawn from a well 600 meters deep dug for this purpose, sweetened with refined sugar, and filtered through multiple filter columns with several types of active charcoal to achieve perfect clarity and smooth taste!
The whole process of creating quality vodka takes 7 days.


How to consume

Before use, vodka must be cooled to 8-10 degrees.
Like all precious drink vodka should be drunk in small sips of.
In Russia, vodka is drunk from cups with a capacity of 20 ml.
It was created for joy, liberation, relaxation, stress reduction, etc.
Vodka should be drunk in moderate quantities, every man must control himself.
Drunkenness and the headache are not fault of the vodka, but of the man himself, who should how much and with what he drinks his vodka!







What exactly is mastika?

Mastika, a typical representative of a large family of aniseed-flavored aperitif, is extremely popular drink whose presence at the table is increasingly required
Aniseed spirit "Mastika" is a spirit with a minimum alcohol content 47 vol. %, Which is produced by flavoring ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin with anethole, isolated by rectification of essential oils of star anise (Illicium verum), anise (Pimpinella anissum), fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) or from another plant.


How is it made

For the production ofourMastika, we use verypuregrain alcohol distilled several times, water extracted from the earth in specially made ​​for this well to a depth of 550 m. and anethole, incorporated into our product by top manufacturers, extracted fromcarefullyselectstar anise.


How to drink Mastika


Mastika drink is served well cooled and drunk from small glasses of 100ml, and is usually added ice or water. The effect of mixing with water is associated with obtaining crystals from which you can recognize the quality of the beverage.


Do not forget!
If you drink – do not drive! If you drive – do not drink!